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Blancco Ltd. is an international data security company that specializes in data erasure and computer reuse for corporations, governments, and computer remarketing companies. Founded and headquartered in Joensuu, Finland, the company operates from offices across Europe.

Blancco has root issues in sales leadership, poor management, lacks resources and company culture/employee reward schemes, according to a former employee at

"The root problem with Blancco is that sales leadership is severely lacking. HR continues to support poor management behavior. Lack of company culture/employee reward schemes. Additional support required in some smaller teams where there are large workloads and lack of resources."


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Global Sales Engineering Director (Former Employee) says

"The lack of leadership to make an international organization function like one was the worst experience. Traveling around the globe, there was clearly no unified vision. The companies products function, have poor user interfaces and the lack of training and support limit the sales processes."

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"Mostly pleasant, competent people to work with but company is changing direction and also having a hard time balancing short term and long term demands so direction can be limited or even misleading and turnover is high. Can be challenging to work with people in many different time zones and little face to face contact."